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We have lots of interesting places to go within our pages.

Just click on A window or A door to see some of the things we make to sell at Craft Shows.

Check often for updates about seasonal items and our Craftshow listings

Come on in and look at our woodcrafts Just A Small Portion of Our Craft Show Booth Our Coke Page. We're adding more items every day Our Classy Arch Shelfs with Bows and Lace Alphabet Train Letters.....Great For Names Our Country Amish Wall Hangings....More Coming Soon A Must See...Our Outdoor Landscaping Pumps, Birdhouses, ect. How About A Good Oprah Story?...Click Here A Funny Applet of My Sister an Lake Applet JPG of My Sister and I..Funny, I Think..



Click on the smaller houses below to see our Kids and Grandkids pages

Still under construction, but lots of good things coming for the little ones in the future.

Check Back Often



Tim & Judy's Place

Under Construction but, Come on in..

Mike & Stacey's House

Sorry.....Under Construction.

Dusty & Wendy's Home

Welcome To Dusty's and Wendy's Place