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I'm one cute little Guy, Ya Know

Hi Everyone

My Name is Dylan and You Have

Reached My Personal Blues Clues

Play Page.

I Play here almost everyday.

So if you would like to play here

too. Then have FUN like I do


------ ------

Would you like to hear

some of my favorite sounds?

Just click on my friends below




When Your Finished Listening To My Favorite Sounds,

Click on the Clues Below For More

Interesting things To Do

Draw with Paprika

Blues Photo album


Frog Game

Tickety Tac Toe



Story Time


Blue's Memory Game


Blue's Puzzle


Magenta's Maze

Download Games



Well, I just want to say that I'm one Cool Little Guy

( My MiMi and Paw Paw told me that )

And I'm also Cute Too

( Mimi & PawPaw Again )

And if you would like to EMAIL ME HERE, I'll try my best

to reach the keyboard and get back to you.

Maybe you would even like to take A look at my

Picture Page Too


Oh Yes, one more thing..I give credit to Nick Jr.

For all these nice graphics on my page.

And if I'm stepping on anyones toes, just send an email

to my PawPaw and he will make sure that they're

deleted from this page pronto.