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Thanks for coming along with us and

Once again To




Its such A pleasure to be able to use such A great means of

communication to share some of the most precious moments

that we've had in our lives.

So if you have just joined us, may we suggest that go

to the bottom of this page and click on one of the link buttons

and veiw the previous pages.



As we become older, we begin to realize just how fast time happens

to slip away. It seems like it was only yesterday when God blessed us with

our wonderful daughter.

We thanked The Lord the night of her birth when the Dr. said

"you have beautiful little girl".

After being blessed with two sons, we knew then that all of our

hopes and dreams had been fulfilled.

So, after sharing some of her early childhood pictures

on A previous page, we've included some of her school pictures here.



With her brothers in 1983, then her first prom in 1991.



Her senior year of High school



Although shes very pretty on the outside,

Her greatest feature is the beauty which resides within her.



After graduating high school, she attended Murray State University

where she earned her degree in social work and A minor in psychology.

It was also there where she met and married the "love of her life"

So if you would like to come with us as we continue our trip

down memory lane. Just click on the wedding link below.





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"Greatest Love"


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