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Memories Of

Our Wendy The Pooh



It seems like we've had Children around us all of our married Life.

Not only our own, but also most of thier friends has spent countless

hours sitting in front of our tv set, listening to loud music and of course,

emptying the refridgerator....


But it has been such A Joy just watching them grow from Babies,

to toddlers, to teens, and finally becoming young men and women.

Especially Wendy, our only daughter who was given the nickname

Wennie Pooh by her brothers very early in life.


So Wendy......This page is dedicated to you because you

have given us so much pleasure and Joy.





I found A touch of heaven, right here upon this earth.

I found it in my children, the day God gave them birth.

The joy that they have given me, makes time A heavenly thing.

And every time they hug me, I feel the touch of Angel wings.

When they whisper "I love you!" I know with in my soul.

That cherishing this touch of heaven,

Should be every parent's goal.



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of memories that you have given to us.

Mom & Dad





"Butterfly Kisses"





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